Desktop system about £400 Advise please

  tAtu*! 17:49 15 Sep 09

Hi all

I am looking to buy a desktop system and have about £400 to spend. I don't need a monitor as I will hook it up to my LCD TV. I have been looking on Cyberpower, Eclipse, Arbico and am non the wiser! Basically I am looking for a system that I can download music on, store all my photos on and basically watch stuff on youtube.I want to be able to watch movies on it to.Also would be using it for work with Microsoft Office (Mainly Powerpoint and Excel) Can anyone advise me on what system would be good for this?
Thanks in advance

  Audio~~Chip 18:16 15 Sep 09

non of the brands you mention. Dell, Mesh or custom built by a recognised local shop.

  tAtu*! 18:20 15 Sep 09


Can you recommend specs I should be looking for? Looked at Dell and the spec for £400 looks lesser than the previously mentioned suppliers? Looked at Mesh but I have seen endless threads on here regarding poor customer service/after sales support.

  tAtu*! 15:22 16 Sep 09


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:23 16 Sep 09

Try the Medion Akoya E7330D on sale at Aldi excellent spec on sale Sept 27th at Aldi

  Taff™ 00:57 17 Sep 09

I set this small form factor PC up for a friend last week although she bought it in a deal with a monitor. Very impressed with it and it will do all the basics you want it to. You`ll even have enough left to buy an external hard disk for storage and backups.

  Taff™ 00:58 17 Sep 09

click here Sorry!

  Taff™ 01:00 17 Sep 09

By the way it had Lightscribe and a firewire connector - check in store to be sure.

  tAtu*! 13:14 18 Sep 09

Is it best to wait till Windows 7 is released? I want a PC that will be able to run numerous applications at once...... ?


  Taff™ 07:38 19 Sep 09

Any of the PC`s mentioned will run "numerous applications at once" but there is a limit! You gave the impression that you wanted it for basic things.

Most of the PC`s on sale at the moment have a free upgrade to Windows 7 but not if you buy one with Vista Basic, it must be Vista Home Premium at least. Note that the Free upgrade will cost in terms of Postage & Packing charges - probably about £20!

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