Desktop Shortcut with title TOO long to delete

  aph 19:18 14 Feb 04

I posted a shortcut on my desktop (from a website) which has a huge name.

When I select and press F2 to shorten the name I can't

I get the message....
'Cannot rename file:the filename you specified is invalid or too long'
every time I try and change it to something shorter.!!!

  anon1 19:22 14 Feb 04

Have you tried right clicking it and choosing rename? another way may be to create a new shortcut and give it a new name then delete the old one

  woodchip 19:26 14 Feb 04

Or it may double the Problem

  spikeychris 19:29 14 Feb 04

You wont be able to rename. what operating system are you using?

Try this >>>

Restart in MS-DOS, from the C prompt:


C:\windows\desktop>DIR /p /w this will give you a list of files in the desktop folder, which should include the unwanted shortcut. If the file is listed as xyz.lnk, then to get rid of it go: C:\windows\desktop>DEL xyz.lnk Hit Y if prompted to confirm.

Or get the DOS name for the file. Right click the shortcut and look on the General tab, you will see MS-DOS name, write this down exactly as it's shown. Now boot to dos type: Del C:\Windows\Desktop\your file name

  woodchip 19:40 14 Feb 04

Chris he will have to do a Dir to get the list

  woodchip 19:41 14 Feb 04

Don’t ask how that happened

  woodchip 19:43 14 Feb 04

I think I need a stiff drink

  aph 19:57 14 Feb 04

Thanks ,
Got it in the end.
Made the mistake of deleting *.lnk first though, ouch
It was actually a .url

I think I will head off for a drink myself

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