Desktop Rebuild CPU Startup Problem Problem

  Elkopop 05 Apr 13

Have nearly completed a rebuild using an Asus M2N32-slideluxe mb (been unused for about 6 months and undamaged during that time i believe?) with an AMD2 5600cpu. Fired up for first time after getting new power supply OCX 500watt Corestream and using 4gbs ddr2 corsair mem and also have 3 case/chassis fans attached.Problem is when turned on for the first time to hopefully load on windows the mb ignition light is on, the fans run, but the cpu just gets warm without its fan turning apart from an tiny twitch of a movement and i quickly turned off within 5 seconds or so. Is this likely to be a problem with flashing the mb's memory? or not enough power from supply? Any ideas gratefully received.

  Elkopop 05 Apr 13

Also forgot to mention cpu and mb have been left installed together as used in previous computer and currently I have attached an NVidia GTX460 card which is spinning ok as is the single 250gb hdd. When I mentioned about clearing MB memory in previous post i meant clearing the RTC ram which I had read about in the mb handbook? thanks

  Chronos the 2nd 06 Apr 13

Could it be nothing more simple than a failed heatsink fan? Very easy to test of course just plug another fan in to the CPU motherboard header and power the pc on. If it spins you have your answer if not then it might well be a mobo problem. The 500W PSU and I presume you meant OCZ rather than OCX is more than enough for these components.

I really do not see the connection with clearing the RTC RAM and the CPU heatsink fan and after Googling the procedure I feel this would be pointless but If you want to try this then I cannot see any harm, something I have never done in my 12 years of building and repairing I must admit.

  onthelimit1 06 Apr 13

Check that the 4 pin CPU ower lead that connects near the CPU is connected. this one

  onthelimit1 06 Apr 13

'ower' should read 'power'!


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