desktop picture

  moorie 17:25 21 May 06

hi my brother has downloaded a picture direct to his desktop,but cant get rid of it.
right clicking in desktop to unset it but cant as its not there also have tried looking in "my pictures"
please can anyone help?

  Chris-347369 17:27 21 May 06

What happens when you right click the desktop, select properties, go to the desktop tab and then select "None" under the background list?

  johnnyrocker 17:29 21 May 06

right click the pic itself and delete? try safe mode, failing that system restore if xp


  rsinbad 17:30 21 May 06
  moorie 17:34 21 May 06

pyroxide thanks for reply it remains there,and johney also thanks but right click doesnt do it either its as though the desktop doesnt recognize the pic?
will system restore effect the other recently installed programmes as he s had the pic on his desktop for a while?

  johnnyrocker 17:37 21 May 06

quite likely, what about safe mode?


  moorie 17:42 21 May 06

thanks johney hes not up to speed to do that then again nor am i anymore info?

  johnnyrocker 17:44 21 May 06

during boot up keep clicking F8 then move up/down arrows to safe mode, the icons will be much larger but no prob, then try to delete it, or maybe move to recycle bin and delete?


  moorie 17:52 21 May 06

hi johney will try that, how will i identify it?

  johnnyrocker 18:19 21 May 06

it should still be on your desktop.


  rawprawn 19:02 21 May 06

Might I ask what OS, because in Win 98 if I remember rightly you have to choose another desktop background and then reboot. The background then migrates to a welcome screen, if yo do it once more it disappears. I am dredging my memory but I seem to think thats how it was.

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