Desktop kills Internet Connection.

  Jonno131 13:29 22 Aug 10

My setup is:
ADSL Router with four ethernet ports;
Router connected to phone line via splitter by ethernet cable;
Desktop PC connected to Router via ethernet cable;
Laptop connected wirelessly to the Router.

Until a couple of weeks ago this worked OK, then we started having difficulty with our ADSL broadband. Difficulty connecting, dropping out etc. The TelCo has tested our line and says that all is OK, but it appears that when the desktop goes online we lose our connection completely after varying periods (30 secs to a
couple of minutes). If the problem is a dodgy router should I replace it or convert the desktop to wireless? Any advice please?

  howard64 14:09 22 Aug 10

do you or a friend have a spare router you can try? it comes down to a process of elimination to discover the problem or find a solution.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:11 22 Aug 10

Try a new filter

  woodchip 17:30 22 Aug 10

You may need to try Setting the Router back to Default Settings then Re-set it up. Not forgetting you will lose your User Name Password etc , so make sure you have these first before the above

  Jonno131 20:56 22 Aug 10

Thanks both. My line of thought is that as the router seems to be OK in wireless mode why not go wireless with the desktop for about a tenner for a PCI card. I'm marking this off as resolved with thanks.

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