desktop icons not showing

  march 13:16 06 Apr 04

help! I'm in a panic all the icons have disappeared off my desktop don't know what I've done how can I get them back? running windows 98se


  pc moron 13:31 06 Apr 04

Does this help click here

  joelmb 13:40 06 Apr 04

It sounds like Explorer has crashed. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete then go to File>New Task (Run) and enter explorer.exe

  march 13:44 06 Apr 04

had a look & tried but not helped. I also seem to have a blank/grey taskbar on the right hand side of the screen but it won't drag or anything

  joelmb 14:05 06 Apr 04

Ah! that does indeed sound like active desktop then as pc moron linked to. right click on your desktop to bring up properties, go to desktop tab, then Customise Desktop button, and choose the Web tab. Is there anything listed and ticked in the 'Web pages:' box? If so unselect it and delete it if you dont want it again, and click OK

  march 14:37 06 Apr 04

don't understand why but I went to do the Ctrl/Alt/del you suggested & it brought up the 'end task' box so I selected it & then 'end task'came up again & I clicked that & the desktop & icons all appeared again. So I have no idea why it happened in the first place or why it all went right again but I'm sure the active desktop is not on as I wouldn't know how to do that,& when I rightclicked, then properties, as you said I only get the display properties box appear & desktop tab is on that.As long as it doesn't happen again I'm happy, so thanks for your suggestions as you have helped me get it right again
still thicko when it comes to computers;so very glad theres always help from you lot out there
regards to all xxxmarch

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