desktop icons missing after backup to ext HDD

  second best 08 May 11


A while back I copied my entire Documents folder to ext K.

If I don't have my Ext K attached I receive a meesage on boot up 'K not available.....etc' and all of my Desktop Icons are mssing, along with Favourites folder in Internet Explorer.

It has been suggested i had hidden files showing and have somehow copied the .ini files too.

Any ideas where i may have gone wrong?


  robin_x 08 May 11

Took me ages to find this problem.

It is Windows 7 Maintenance cleaning up periodically.

The brute force way is to turn it off.

Control Panel/System and Security/Find and Fix Problems/Change settings

There is a a way to stop unused or unavailable shortcuts being deleted without turning all of Maintenance Off, but I have forgotten it.

  second best 08 May 11

Actually Robinofloxley, I should have stated I'm using Vista Home.

I think it may be a simple case of me having copied the Dektop folder in My Documents, but unsure of how to reverse it. Although it would seem to be logical to just copy it back.


  robin_x 08 May 11

Sorry. Seemed identical from your description. Maybe similar in Vista or maybe something else then.

  second best 08 May 11

Ok, so I hope you can follow this. I'll try and be as clear as I can.

If i plug in my ext K, i see duplicates in my C My Doc folder of videos, pictures, documents, and desktop etc. If i add anythin in C documents or on the desktop, it APPEARS in my backup folder on my ext K??!!!

So anyhting i add to C aouto backsup/copied to my external Backup folder. How is this possible?

  second best 08 May 11

Thanks for that info 124

I actually managed to get it sorted, I think. Basically I copied everything back to C Documents folder. I was offered several requests to copy/replace .ini files, so it must have something to do with that.

As a consequence though, it seems I managed to create a kind of RAID system.

Like i said, if i saved or created a file/folder on C drive, it would auto copy/backup to my external, but I suppose there was only really ever one copy coz If i disconnect external drive K the files/folders were no longer available on C.

Anyway, thanks again.

However, I want to back up my files and obviously don't want the same thing to happen again, so it would be great to know what happened.


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