Desktop icons going walkabout

  davehyde 22:52 10 Mar 03

Using XP (though this happens on my 95 PC too)

I arrange the desktop icons how I like them, which could be by name, date, size, whatever. I add new icons. I get used to where they are.

Then suddenly........ They all move....

No obvious pattern to new positions (not alphabetical or anything) but WHY have they done it? And is there a way to stop this? Or save them how I like them to restore when it inevitably happens again...?

  bloo meeny 22:54 10 Mar 03

Don't know why this happens, but I occasionally get this problem using Win98SE also.

  User-312386 23:16 10 Mar 03

right click on desktop, select "arange icons by" and untick auto arrange

  davehyde 23:25 10 Mar 03

is unticked...

The only tick is by "align to grid"....


Good evening davehyde, I cannot answer your query as to why this happens, but as a sufferer of the syndrome myself in the past, I now use one of either the following bits of software to restore my layouts. click here click here

The first one is I believe freeware, whilst the second is shareware, but will work indefinately in a limited function.

I hope this info helps. Regards, Mr. Mouse.

  Djohn 23:32 10 Mar 03

Should also have a tick in, "Show Icons".

  davehyde 23:36 10 Mar 03

that's ticked too!

Will try Mr Mouse's Remedy 2moro - too knackered 2nite, been in front of PCs all day and all evening zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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