Desktop Icons

  tonyx1302 21:15 11 Oct 06

Some of the icons...My Docs/Recycle/OE etc... on my desktop have suddenly developed a dark surround which I cannot get rid of.
Running XP Home

Any suggestions as always gratefully received


  ArrGee 21:33 11 Oct 06

Try running TweakUI, which can be located as a download about halfway down, on the right of this link

click here

  tonyx1302 21:38 11 Oct 06

Hi ArrGee. Thanks but your link was in Chinese ! Could you please re post link again?


  brundle 21:41 11 Oct 06

click here
Check the "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop" box

  ArrGee 21:45 11 Oct 06
  ArrGee 21:46 11 Oct 06

Japanese! Sorry for that! The last link should work fine.

  tonyx1302 21:50 11 Oct 06

Me again ArrGee. Just tried your second link and Avast tells me the site contains a virus.
Sorry to be a pain but could you check the link..carefully ..for me


  tonyx1302 21:53 11 Oct 06

Sorry ArrGee please disregard my second post re virus. Just used you link again and it worked fine and will report back after using TWeak and brundle suggestions


  ArrGee 21:54 11 Oct 06

No problem. I'll check again.

I use avast as well, no problems at all. It's a Microsoft site, so the chances of it being picked up by avast is quite minimal.

Try this link via google instead
click here=

(First link that comes up is the one)

  tonyx1302 22:04 11 Oct 06

Thanks ArrGee. I ran 'Rebuild Icons' in the repair section of TweakU and all is a ok again.

With thanks


  ArrGee 22:07 11 Oct 06

Thanks Breitling. A pleasure to help.

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