Desktop icons

  yahwob 14:37 25 Oct 05

Hi, this question is so silly I'm almost embarrased to ask it!

How do I arrange the desktop icons how I like them rather than have them auto arranged for me. I currently have some nice new wallpaper showing a scenic view but I currently have all my icons running through the middle of it. I'd rather move the icons around the edge of the screen but every time I try and drag one it just snaps back to where it was as soon as I let go of the mouse button.

I know all about auto arrange, grids and by date, name etc but whichever option I choose by right clicking I can't seem to move the icons away from the standard line up in colums from the left.

Not a crucial point but it just annoys me that I can't figure this one out.

  PaulB2005 14:38 25 Oct 05

Uncheck Auto Arrange

  yahwob 14:41 25 Oct 05

Sorry but thats the first thing I did, dosen't make the slighest bit of difference.

  rawprawn 14:43 25 Oct 05

After you uncheck auto arrange, drag them to where ever you want them and they should stay there.

  yahwob 14:44 25 Oct 05

That's the whole point, they don't! Auto arrange is not checked and they still snap right back to where they were when I try and move them.

  rawprawn 14:45 25 Oct 05

PS Tick "Align to grid" if you want nice straight lines.

  splork 14:53 25 Oct 05

One of these might help click here

  SANTOS7 14:58 25 Oct 05

Pending how many icons you have why not move them to your systray leaving your desktop clear to get the full effect of your wallpapers...

  rawprawn 15:00 25 Oct 05

Try System restore to when they were OK, or run a system file check. Start/Run and type sfc /scannow
You will need your XP CD

  splork 15:06 25 Oct 05

It is true to say, with all the auto-arrange options off, one should be able to move the icons anywhere, maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves. You're not running any desktop wallpaper management software are you?

  yahwob 15:11 25 Oct 05

No wallpaper management programm, too many icons to move into taskbar and it seems a bit over the top to do a full system check.

It's just frustrating that something that should be so simple isn't!

Thanks for all your replies so far :)

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