Desktop Icon problem

  Southernboy 13:37 28 Jun 04

For the first time, last week, I experienced this problem. It happened again, yesterday, so I wondered if anyone knew what was causing it.

When I close an application and return to the desktop, the icon remains highlighted. If I double click on another icon, it is highlighted but it either does not open or it displays the Properties Menu. The icon remains highlighted.

The same thing occurs if I try a third icon. I now have three highlighted icons, none of which will open. Trying a fourth icon, suddenly, all four programs open at the same time. The only way I can resolve this is to restart the computer.

Has anyone any ideas, please?

  vinnyT 13:46 28 Jun 04

Make sure that your ctrl or shift key is not sticking, if you select an icon, then hold down the ctrl or shift key before selecting another icon, multiple icons can be selected. It could be that your keyboard is faulty or needs cleaning. Hope this helps.

  Southernboy 13:50 28 Jun 04

already checked this and it is not the reason.

  Southernboy 14:51 29 Jun 04


  Dan the Confused 14:57 29 Jun 04

Have you cleaned the registry and all junk files on your system? What Windows version do you have?

  Southernboy 15:26 29 Jun 04


I very much doubt if I have any junk files, since I have never been connected to the internet on this PC and have only ever installed three Application programs, an Office Suite, a Financial Suite and one other, all by major manufacturers. I never instal third-party discs (not even PCA cover discs), because I believe the vast majority of computer problems are caused by either the internet or the careless installation of software.

I would be exceedingly nervous about playing with the registry, but ScanDisk reveals no errors and I defragged about one month ago.

  crx1600 15:34 29 Jun 04

rather than there being a problem with the keyboard, perhaps 'sticky keys' is enabled in your accessability options.

  Southernboy 15:42 29 Jun 04

Not enabled. In any event, this is cannot the problem as the Keyboard is not involved and it is an intermittant fault.

As I said, when I close a program, the icon remains highlighted. Double-clicking on other icons with the Mouse causes those other icons to be highlighted, but refuse to open or simply display the Properties menu. Neither, of the two suggestions made could possibly be the cause of this problem.

By the way, I have also cleaned the Mouse.

  Dan the Confused 15:56 29 Jun 04

If you click START>RUN and type SFC (press enter) your PC will automatically check and fix any problems with system files it finds.

  crx1600 16:10 29 Jun 04

what happens if you try opening shortcuts from the quicklaunch, or from start menu, is there still a delay?

perhaps the program your closing is causing windows to hang, is it only when you close a certain program, or any,

try disabling 'active-desktop', if it's enabled.

  Southernboy 15:44 30 Jun 04

Active Desktop has never been enabled.

What exactly does System File Checker do? Is it on W98? Does it require the Windows disc in the drive?

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