Desktop Excel Module

  Jeep129 13:11 14 Jan 04


Have created a comprehensive s/s and would like it to be on the desktop and running independently.

Any suggestions or ideas where to gain this information?

  Big Elf 15:39 14 Jan 04

What does it do?

  VoG II 23:19 14 Jan 04

You will have to give us a lot more information!

What is the Excel program doing, what do you mean by "running independently", etc.

  Big Elf 23:24 14 Jan 04

I was thinking along the the line that he may need the Excel Viewer from click here

  VoG II 23:28 14 Jan 04

I was thinking along the lines of he/she needs to explain what they mean. Baffled.

  VoG II 18:47 15 Jan 04

via e-mail

Firstly, thanks for your time. The s/s is a financial planner that contains 7 or 8 worksheets, which in turn contain some fairly complex formulae and look-up tables. I'd like to be able to make it into a 'stand-alone' executable that could be run regardless of whether the user has Excel on their machine or not. Any ideas?


Have you tried saving it as a web page?

Please reply by adding a new response, not via e-mail which is for private correspondence between members.

  Big Elf 18:59 15 Jan 04

I'll bow to the wisdom of VoG in this but I don't think this is possible. The viewer available from MS is just that, a viewer, it doesn't allow changes to be made.

  Big Elf 19:01 15 Jan 04

Sorry, missed the bit about a web page. Wouldn't you need to have some sort of database running in the background though to record and save the changes?

  Taran 19:29 15 Jan 04

I'm nowhere near VoG for Excel programming.

I do quite a lot of integrated Office applications though, and for general Office integration you can OLE [Object Linking and Embedding] and DAO [Data Access Objects] different Microsoft program files into one another: Excel file embedded into Word for example.

Although I have and use the runtime for Access that allows you to compile and disturbute Access driven programs as a standalone executable whether people have the parent program or not (costs a litle over a thousand pounds) I have never seen a couterpart product for Excel.

There are aspects of the Office Developer Edition that are directly useful to Excel driven apps - MSGraph springs to mind - but it still requires the person running your end program to have a licensed copy of Excel installed.

I have seen some middleware products that wil allow Excel output integration and embedding into other document formats, but this is static data - normally charts and graphs - and cannot be manipulated.

The short answer from me is as above - if there is a method of distributing Excel applications without the parent program I'd like to know about it.


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