Desktop Display gone Barrel shaped

  Wak 16:59 01 Dec 06

Hi, Running Win 98SE (which I still prefer) with an AOC 17" 7VlR monitor.
When booting up, the initial screen displays are rectangular (as they should be) but when it reaches the Desk Top it suddenly changes to being barrel shaped and remains so.
I've checked/replaced the drivers for the monitor and SIS 630/730 display (which is built-in to the M/B) but it makes no difference.
The M/Board battery has also been replaced as a precaution.
Apart from being the shape of a barrel, the screen appears to be normal in colour, brightness and contrast.
The fan and the inside of the base unit have been cleaned and dusted out.
As the monitor is just over 4 years old, is it on it's way out?? Or has anyone any other explanation, please??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:41 01 Dec 06

Can you adjust using your monitor settings?

  Stuartli 17:45 01 Dec 06

You need to go into the screen's settings menu and make the necessary adjustments to the display.

This type of calibration display can help:

click here

click here (test patterns)

  Wak 18:52 01 Dec 06

Thank you for the replies.
I have a few sites in Favourites relating to colour, contrast and brightness. All are to my satisfaction and haven't changed at all.
It's definitely the shape of the picture that's the problem just as if some magnetic field on the CRT is collapsing at the sides.
I can adjust the shape using the monitor control buttons. Adjusting the pin-cushion control has widened the top of the picture but the bottom corners are still bending inwards.
The Degauss control has no effect either.
I don't think monitor controls are the answer as it started going barrel shaped intermittently a couple of days ago, that is why I changed the M/B battery.
Any further suggestions please??
Maybe a new monitor for Xmas???

  Stuartli 19:07 01 Dec 06

..and why not...:-)

  Wak 19:57 01 Dec 06

Hi, Stuartli, I appreciate the Festive sentiment but it doesn't solve the current problem.
There's a thought!!! Is it an intermittent wiring or connection problem??
I think I'll disconnect all the wiring, re-assemble and try to keep the low voltage wiring away from the mains voltage.
Now closing down. I'll let you know the results A.S.A.P.

  SANTOS7 21:01 01 Dec 06

fould this ,worth a try
You select the On Screen Display, choose the zoom function. Hold down on ZOOM. The OSD will disappear, replaced seconds later with an advanced OSD which you can tidy up the corners pins etc.
or try the RECALL function which should take your monitor back to factory settings.
If those do not work it sounds much like ya monitors
givin up...

  Wak 21:51 01 Dec 06

Thanks Santos7. In the meantime I've tightened a few connections and jiggled a few wires and, Lo! and behold, it's gone back to normal so will try your suggestions if/when the problem returns.
Will leave things alone for now and tick as resolved (fingers crossed!)

  SANTOS7 21:53 01 Dec 06

Wak, has your problem been resolved if it has, let us know how ya did it for future reference.

regards santos7......

  SANTOS7 21:54 01 Dec 06

messages must have passed in the night matey, glad your up and running........

  Stuartli 23:39 01 Dec 06

>>The OSD will disappear, replaced seconds later with an advanced OSD which you can tidy up the corners pins etc.>>

Although the problem seems to have been cured, this comment doesn't necessarily apply to every brand of monitor...:-)

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