Desktop Crashes

  badsparks 10:05 03 Sep 09

Pc repeatedly chrashes whenever surfing. It appears to just hibernate and have to press and hold switch to turn off and then restart. I have checked all settings and disabled hibernation, checked fans are working and removed all the dust etc, tried different Psu which made no difference, have taken side off tower to try and keep it cool.
i would be grateful of any other suggestions as its driving the Mrs mad as she can no longer spend the whole day buying junk on Ebay!!!
I am running Xp home sp3 on an Amd2700+,


  Strawballs 13:24 03 Sep 09

When was the last time you did a general clean up ie Anti Virus scan, spyware scan, defrag etc?

  badsparks 13:36 03 Sep 09

Thanks for reply,

Done a defrag recently. Have been using Ccleaner for a while. Was using NTL Netgaurd which i tried to upload to the latest version after which i couldnt connect at all to t'internet so uninstalled it. Has got to the stage now that whenever i try and scan or download any other anti virus stuff it crashes half way through.

  tullie 15:38 03 Sep 09

So does this mean you havent any AV protection?

  badsparks 18:08 07 Sep 09

Um, yes, i dont have any protection at the moment, but the problem started whilst Netgaurd was supposedly protecting pc.

  lofty29 20:28 07 Sep 09

You have probably still got some netguard files lurking in your registry, which are causing a conflict when you try to install any other antivirus,try revo-uninstaller if you have it, had a similar problem a while ago, took me ages to sort out.

Netguard from my experince doesnt protect yu.
I would suggest Avast 4.8 Home Edition.
I've used it for 5 years. Free!
Got a PCA Reccomended recently.
Avast 4.8 click here
Ccleaner click here
Also use Ccleaner to clear out all left over files.

  badsparks 11:50 20 Sep 09

i have been using Avast for a couple of weeks now, it found some virus's, but hasnt stopped the crashing. It appears to crash whenever the Cpu usage is high, which seems to me like its a hardware problem?? I have tried the Ram from a different pc, and same thing happens. Any other ideas???

  kidsis 15:16 20 Sep 09

when cpu usage is high, what process is hogging the cpu?

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