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  yattonharry 10:08 11 Feb 05

Hi anyone know what is happening here please? I have a MS Desktop theme -Dangerous Creatures - this shows when I am first logging on, but when I click into 'my area' [it has spaces for 2 family members ] it turns to green only. When I look at the themes it tells me it is running the current theme.

Thanks for any advice

  yattonharry 11:35 11 Feb 05

Ihave 51% of HD space, and I have 512 memory.

  mattyc_92 11:37 11 Feb 05

Try loading another theme and applying it and then loading the theme you wantand see if this helps....

I take it you are running Win98 or below??

  yattonharry 11:53 11 Feb 05

Hi thansk for the advice, I tried that and chanbge to Jungle - lots of 'flashing' as computer tried to apply this I think, but landed up with desktop icons changed to the theme of Jungle and also the Text.

Still got this plain background though.

  mattyc_92 11:55 11 Feb 05

Some files may have been deleted.... Try re-installing windows over itself and see if that helps....

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