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  Doberman 11:43 11 Jan 04

I recently replaced my desktop background picture and now when I start my computer the old background appears followed by the new one . Similarly, when I shut off the last thing to appear is my old background. I'm sure that this is prolonging shutdown time but I cannot see any way of completely removing the old background. Any ideas?

  Indigo 1 12:28 11 Jan 04

Hello, you don't say which O/S you are using,

But try going to the folder where your backgrounds are stored either manually or by doing a search and move the offending ones temporarily to a new folder in "documents" and see if it helps.

  Pesala 15:47 11 Jan 04

It doesn't matter, as it won't slow down your computer. If you want to remove the old background, turn off Active Desktop (right-click), then select background (none), then turn Active Desktop back on again.

  DieSse 15:51 11 Jan 04

This (sometimes?) happens when you choose a new background without removing the old one first.

In Display Properties, choose "None" as the background - exit and re-enter Display Properties and choose your new background again.

  tafoody 18:37 11 Jan 04

windows will only show bitmap (.bmp) pictures before the desktop loads, then with the help of 'Active Desktop' it can display jpegs etc,

so before windows loads the desktop, and again when you shut down, it will revert to showing the last .bmp background you had selected, and Pesala's advice is spot on.

Active desktop does slow down my PC (winME), so an alternative is to open the jpeg in 'Paint' then save as .bmp and then you dont need Active Desktop.

  evertonian 20:11 11 Jan 04

can anyone reccomend a site for absolute computer beginners to expert. thanks.

  VoG II 20:14 11 Jan 04

Firstly, you have found that site!

Secondly, you should use "Start new subject for discussion" to start a "thread" - i.e. your questions and the "posts" that constitute the responses to it.

  Doberman 09:03 12 Jan 04

Thanks to all respondents, problem solved!

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