Deskjet 350

  pcdopey 10:06 20 Nov 08

I have just replaced my laptop with a USB-only model. My old laptop had a D25 parallel output cabled to a IEEE1284 socket on the Deskjet (it also had infra-red, whereas the new laptop doesn't). The Deskjet does not have a USB socket. Is there any way USB can be linked to IEEE1284? (Yes, I know one is parallel and the other is serial, but I don't relish junking my 350!)

  mgmcc 12:39 20 Nov 08

You want a USB to Parallel cable such as click here

  pcdopey 12:51 20 Nov 08

Too simple! I didn't realise you could get a USB to IEEE1284 cable, but I've ordered one now. Many thanks.

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