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  iconoclast 18:03 05 Jul 06

My LCD monitor died yesterday. I have replaced it with a new one which works perfectly well except that the desk top is now split (30% as normal and 60% totally white). Icons appear as normal against both parts of the desk top. When I open a web page, it covers the total screen and looks perfect (so its not the resolution settings etc). Any ideas?

  howard63 20:49 05 Jul 06

you do not say what op system -this sounds like windows 98 with the pages set for web style - if so take the tick out of web style

  iconoclast 21:25 05 Jul 06

XP Pro

  VoG II 21:28 05 Jul 06

I'm confused - have you set your Desktop to display a web page?

  iconoclast 21:44 05 Jul 06

No, I said that when I opened a web page to view it (or a Word document etc), it fills the whole screen as it should do. In other words, the screen is working OK except when I return to the desk top...where two thirds of it is white (and one third is my normal desk top setting). However, desk top icons appear as normal on both sides of the split screen

  iconoclast 21:58 05 Jul 06

Thanks for the suggestion, but this is not s 'stretch' to fit problem. I've tried all of the obvious resolution stuff. In any case, when I open a full page (eg a web page) it fills the screen totally (ie no need for stretching. The split only occurs when the desktop is on screen

  VoG II 22:00 05 Jul 06

Have you tried changing the desktop picture?

  iconoclast 22:09 05 Jul 06

I am not using wallpaper (ie using the'none' setting). But the problem is there whether I use wallpaper or not. The tile/stretch option does not apply to the 'none' setting

  DieSse 23:16 05 Jul 06

If you change the desktop colour - does the split remain the same?

  iconoclast 07:48 06 Jul 06

DieSse, yes, it remains the same. Another observation - if I right click on the coloured part, I get a conventional desktop menu (new folder, shortcuts, properties etc) but if I right click on the white part, I get a totally different menu, none of which is familiar at all

  VoG II 08:56 06 Jul 06

Can you list the items in this different menu please?

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