Delphi Users Please Read:-

  Mad Boy 00:55 30 Apr 03

I recently recieved my copy of Delphi 7 but theres a few things im not sure how to work. First of all i have inserted a progress bar into Form1 but it doesnt load anything (it should load the next room or one i specify, i dont know how to do) and the second is making a menu bar. I am strictly a beginner so if anybody can help me that would be great. Also is there any links to Free Source Codes or Tutorials for Delphi? I would really like to learn as the software cost a bit of money! All replies truly appreciated,


  Mysticnas 01:10 30 Apr 03

of code that i think could help you out.

it should still be the same as when i did it 4yrs ago.

i'll have to dig it out. if you can wait i'll try and find it.


  Mad Boy 01:35 30 Apr 03

Ok thanks mate, dont suppose you could even tell me where to put the code & stuff? I didnt realise Delphi is so difficult use, how did you learn and are there any Delphi related forums? Yes i can wait, ill probably go to bed soon anyway.

Thanks again

  Mad Boy 12:14 30 Apr 03

Ok, did you find the sourcre codes out mate? Also this may sound dumb but how do you insert text into thge forms, is it by a label? Please include that in the example.

Many Tjhanks.

Starne my keyboard is typong the qrong letteds! I cant even use the dek ley or bavk spacr!

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