Dell warranty

  Bike-it 26 Apr 11

I bought a Dell laptop 18 months ago and with it i bought a two year extended warranty, but the battery in the laptop needs replaced and now Dell tell me that batteries and not covered under warranty, is this correct or are they trying to fob me off.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 Apr 11

Batteries are usually classed as consumables are therefore not covered.

A case of reading the small print.

  johndrew 26 Apr 11

You need to read the exclusions in the warranty. Batteries are apparently excluded as is fair wear and tear. link text scoll down to '8.3'.

  Malcytul 26 Apr 11

Looks like you've been had, you would have thought a company that is supposed to be so good, would have given you a new battery as a matter of good will, how many batteries go wrong during warranty?

  wee eddie 26 Apr 11

Malcytul, if a battery proved faulty in the first few weeks, even months, then I am sure that Dell would have replaced it.

However, the length a batteries life is reliant on the way it is treated and therefor it is regarded as a Consumable after a fairly short period unless the identified fault proves otherwise.

  mobileman1953 26 Apr 11

i took out 3 year on site warranty on a laptop , contacted them to report a usb port not working, reply i got was usb ports not covered under warranty, fault due to wear and tear , like all other companys they are quick to take your money but wriggle out of any repairs


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