Dell printer output has become faint

  prester-john 11:08 06 Apr 15

My Dell 1320c printer is about 4 years old. Recently the b/w printed output has been getting faint. This has not been cured by putting in a new toner cartridge. The colour output seems to be much as before. A new PHD (printer head Device) unit has been suggested. Is this the probable solution?

  bretsky 22:39 06 Apr 15

Try checking this out, read all

click here


  bumpkin 10:55 07 Apr 15

A thorough clean out with a vac or compessed air may do it if you are lucky. Worth trying before spending money.

  prester-john 21:09 07 Apr 15

Many thanks, bretski and bumpkin – that looks like good advice, and I'll give it a go. Glad I didn't send off for a new PHD.

  bumpkin 21:19 07 Apr 15

The only reason I have suggested this is that I had a lazer copier years ago and dust or remains of toner would get onto the reflectors (Mirrors) and cleaning them solved it. Worth a try, you may have to remove printhead to do this.

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