dell pc wont start up

  that big lad 21:12 PM 17 Aug 11

Hello all,

I have a dell GX 520, it has been fine for what i need until today when i went to it and i woulnt turn on.

I have tried taking all the parts out, cleaned and replaced but there is still nothing!!

I need to get all the information off the hard drive as soon as possible,

Is there a way to either fix the problem or a way to get all my info of the hard drive?

Also I need to buy a new PC with XP pro, due to the software i use, any UK shop recomendations

Thanks for any help

  Nontek 21:46 PM 17 Aug 11

Excellent reputation, and if you ask nicely, I am sure they would put XP on any PC you bought from them.

You could put your hard drive into a USB caddy and then you would be able to access it via any other PC.

  that big lad 22:04 PM 17 Aug 11

Hi thanks for the reply, is there a USB caddy that i could put my hard drive into and then plug it into my laptop???

Thanks again

  Nontek 22:41 PM 17 Aug 11

Yes, just get one that is compatible with your hard - i.e. IDE or SATA 2.5inch or 3.5inch. The caddies come with their own power-pack - just fit the drive into caddy and then connect to laptop by USB.


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