dell pc monitor

  cqlimavady 21:47 14 Jul 09

hiyaa plz help or advise,after a system crash due to trojan,i reinstalled xp from dell backup disk,but now i cant adjust my monitor settings,it keeps saying my settings are to low,so i cant add my bt modem as settings are to low!!
i have gone into system properties and tryied to adjust the settings but the slider just wont move when i click or try and drag it,,i am about to go potty,,please help an old not so pc smart man happy again?chris

  MrNewName 21:53 14 Jul 09

You need to install the correct graphics drivers.

If you post the model number of the Dell, someone will be able to point you in the direction of the drivers on the Dell site.

  cqlimavady 21:56 14 Jul 09

thanks for the advise,,and you were quick ive been working at it 2days so far and its about 5 minutes of going out the window,lol.MODEL IS;DELL MONITOR E173FP,,THANKS!/chris

  MrNewName 22:03 14 Jul 09

Sorry - it's the PC model, not the monitor model number.

The graphics card is within the PC / on the motherboard and if the correct drivers are not installed it will default to windows basic drivers which are not suitable.

  cqlimavady 22:07 14 Jul 09

thanks again mrnewname,,i am somewatt disabled and shall have my son look for me in the morning as i cant bend over,,where would i find the model number on the side or inside the pc?or is it on the mother board,,?thanks again/chris

  MrNewName 22:10 14 Jul 09

The number is probably written on the front of the PC - eg: Dell Inspiron 6400 or something like that.

  lotvic 22:17 14 Jul 09

you need the Dell pc model, (Dimension or Inspiron etc) or service tag (on a label usually on top of pc tower) service tag takes the form of KLM89B34 or similar (is on a separate label to the product key)
then you need to go to Dell click here

You need to download the 'Drivers and Utilities' for your model

  cqlimavady 19:23 15 Jul 09

hiyaa guys thanks for advise,the only names and numbers i can find are as follows;its a dell inspiron 1100-tag nuber i think;39kx1j[hopefully]
monitors tag numer,reva02.

thanks please someone help,,as i can only get on this laptop for few mins at a time,,when i go to click on dell site,the firewall or something on this goes and stops web site displaying,,,,,plzplzplz help/chris

  Simsy 20:05 15 Jul 09

(but I'm not certain), that the tag number identifies the machine quite specifically. Using that it should be possible to identify the drivers needed, on the Dell website if neccessary.

click here

Alternatively, when my sister got her Dell, and another colleague as well, they both got a drivers disc as well as the OS restoration disc... Do you not have that?

It's a while since I did it for them, but I seem to remember that using the drivers disc it was a simple process to follow the prompts.



  Simsy 20:10 15 Jul 09

click here



  lotvic 20:57 15 Jul 09

Dell Inspiron 1100 is a laptop

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