Dell Optiflex SX260

  DWANE PYPE 20:09 15 Nov 05

Can any one tell me the way to get the panels open to get into the innards,to put more memory in it.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated,


  Devil Fish 20:14 15 Nov 05

there should be a switch on the back of the machine slide it across then take the pannel off

  Kegger 20:36 15 Nov 05

these are the instructions from Dell click here Kegger

  DWANE PYPE 22:11 15 Nov 05

Devil Fish.
Found the switch it was on the side you have to push it down to access the hard drive, or up to slide another panel off on the other side, but this panel does not move, do you know what part of the panel moves.

Thanks for that, but it won't let me log in.


  Devil Fish 01:49 16 Nov 05

when the switch is pushed up the panel should just slip off

  DWANE PYPE 00:02 17 Nov 05

Devil Fish.
Thanks for that,it came off with a little bit of persuasion. That was a dummy run till I get the extra memory from crucial.
Thanks again for help.

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