Dell no longer leasing laptops?

  justjill 21:27 12 Jul 09

We have been debating leasing a business laptop for a couple of months. We almost bought one a while back but the Dell website just wouldn't let us complete the sale, and we couldn't find another company that would allow you to customize the laptop and lease Microsoft Office too, so we gave up.

We decided that we definitely need a laptop and tonight I went onto the Dell UK website but I can't find UK leasing options anywhere. Are they not leasing to small businesses any more?

Is there anywhere else from whom I can lease a laptop and Microsoft Office?

Many thanks.

  wee eddie 13:39 15 Jul 09

Why not contact the Leasing Company that you dealt with.

Alternatively ~ Why not ring Dell

  Forum Editor 22:35 15 Jul 09

you click here but before you make a decision to lease consider this:

You'll find it virtually impossible to get a lease agreement for less than a year, and the machine will cost you around £9 a week with MS Office standard version installed.

For what you'll spend in that year you could buy a reasonably good machine outright, and download the latest version of Open Office free of charge. It's fully Microsoft file format compatible, and quite frankly it's superb - truly something for nothing.

  justjill 22:52 15 Jul 09

To be honest, leasing suits us better as it's more tax efficient and doesn't involve an outlay which we can't really afford at the minute. Glad you mentioned Hardsoft as I stumbled upon them and liked what they had to offer.

Open Office is what we're using at the minute and, tbh, I find it so quirky that I just can't wait to get my hands on MS Office! Do you really rate OO that highly, FE? In principle, I hate MS but they're big because their stuff, although buggy and infuriating, just works, and everyone else is using it and we need to fit in with everyone else.

Thanks for the replies :)

  Forum Editor 00:28 20 Jul 09

I still prefer to use MS Office because I'm very familiar with it.


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