Dell no driver disc etc why?

  furrytauntaun 10:26 03 Sep 06

HI all, getting a new PC soon and was thinking of Dell but what puts me off is that you dont get all the driver/utility discs with it. I have in the past blanked my computer to new, for a fresh start, would this become a pain to do if i bought from Dell?.

  ed-0 11:14 03 Sep 06

You just need to go through the options carefully. then you can get the disks you want.

You will get the driver and utility disk for nothing, if you click the right box. click here

You get the windows operating disk for free if you tick the right box. click here

The default is not to have the disks and save around £6 for each disk.

  Belatucadrus 11:39 03 Sep 06

I got the driver disks and installation disks for Works with mine, though you had to burn a backup copy of Windows from a hidden partition. The problem with Dell is that I understand they've got a couple of different ways of making the partition, I'd suggest contacting them for confirmation of how the system you're looking at works.

  furrytauntaun 13:06 03 Sep 06

Thanks for the help, but get this i choose the Dell 5150 (D09516) upgraded it to bigger base and then selected i wanted the operating disc and i got this pop up 'there is a compatability problem with the tv tuner and remote control you choose' it then gos on the say i have to select not to have the operating disc.HUH?. Any help would be great.

  ed-0 18:33 03 Sep 06

The best maybe to follow Belatucadrus and give them a ring. Explain that you can't get what you want on the website.

  skidzy 21:28 03 Sep 06

Just to add to the postings.I bought from Dell recently and was advised to ring after finding what i wanted online.
Believe this or not,you can haggle a little bit and get cheap upgrades if needed.

I got the windows disc and driver utility discs for £5.00 each.Upgraded to dvd writer for £35.00 as opposed to the online quote of £100.00,double ram giving me 1 gig from 512.

You also get the chance to make your own recovery disc on a once only chance.

Hope this helps.

Personally,i would recommend Dell very highly.

Hope this helps.

  amateurann 22:05 03 Sep 06

Bought a Dell laptop for my student daughter last year and can say that their customer support is excellent. When she had a serious problem I phoned them and a very patient and thorough guy talked me through the recovery system taking well over an hour and over running his shift end. We endedup reinstalling OS yet he phoned again after 11pm (What time is that in India?) to make sure everthing was OK.

HP also have very good support and if you buy from John Lewis online they also throw in an extra years warranty. They don't supply discs anymore either but partition the hard drive as do Dell. You can burn one copy from this partition to make your own backup disc. (1 dvd or 5 CDs

  furrytauntaun 22:35 03 Sep 06

Wow thanks for all the help, i think i will give them a ring and say nothing about the upgrades i want and hint i might be interested and see what happens. Thanks again for all the help

  ed-0 00:03 04 Sep 06

" 'there is a compatibility problem with the tv tuner and remote control you choose' "

were you thinking of getting windows XP media centre? I wonder if that is why you are getting the compatibility error.

Or it could be the dell ordering system doing a wobbly.
It has happened to me a few times, I just back tracked and found my mistake;-(

  furrytauntaun 22:47 04 Sep 06

Thanks Ed-0 but its not a mistake on my account, you can not de select the tv tuner so you have to have it with the 5150 and this must be why you get the error message. Srange really it happens with both 5150 systems only. I will have to give them a ring although i am looking at a desktop from Novatech that seems better value. Thanks

  Smegs 23:15 04 Sep 06

furrytauntaun, sorry to jump in a bit late. U could always download the drivers from Dell.

They offer after sales supprot for the drivers. U don't have to pay for them, just downlaod.

Good Luck.

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