dell m1710 nvidia driver update?

  AL47 13:24 29 Oct 07

thats the laptop i have with a 7950 gtx graphics card, the present drivers are 12/2007 so fairly old but i have been unable to find any updates

ive tried 165.01 from laptopvideo2go but even it says im not running vista 32 but i am

any suggestions?

  GaT7 17:00 29 Oct 07

There are probably none at the moment, except through Dell - from click here:

"Where are the notebook or laptop drivers?

...NVIDIA is NOT allowed to directly distribute drivers for the vast majority of Notebook and Laptop computers.

The only way to get updates for NVIDIA laptop or notebook graphics cards is though the notebook provider."

Latest 7950GTX drivers from Dell: click here (dated 2/21/2007), which you've probably got already. G

  Totally-braindead 17:08 29 Oct 07

Downloading any drivers for laptop graphics other than the ones from the laptop manufacturers might cause problems, so I would keep checking the Dell site for updates and until there is one leave it alone.

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