DELL Latitude FORMAT ?

  Daveson 20:49 24 May 05

Hi there, i have this laptop, but how on earth do you wipe it clean ie, format the HDD, i have tried to make the cd rom drive the primary boot so that the win xp home boots up but no joy. Any other ideas would be great.


  DieSse 21:29 24 May 05

You somtimes have to press a key at the right time to make the system boot from a CD, even when the CD is made the first boot drive. The Dell splash screen may be hiding this from you?

If you go into the BIOS, you should find a place to disable the Dell screen, and see the normal POST/Boot screens.

Hope this may help, if indeed this is your problem.

  Daveson 06:58 25 May 05

Ok, i have formatted the HDD but now windows install stops at 39 % ??? anyone know what the problem is ?

  johnbutter 09:34 25 May 05

are you using samsing cd/dvd drive, it is likely you will need to upgrade the firmware of your cd/dvd unit.

The driver/firmware incompatibility can be detected through the following symptoms:

1.- On Windows XP Install, the install aborts due to a problem identifed as not being able to read an *.cab file which contains the generic drivers for most hardware.

2.- On windows XP Installed ( pre SP1 ) system become unstable, and fails often to reboot properly.

3.- Software installation through cd-roms fails with unable to read data from file xxx.xx during installation process.

4.- Software installation fails due to error: Unable to find specified file ( even if it is then cdrom you are using ). Also when you locate this file on the cdrom or hard-drive it still cannot read/find the file.

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