Dell Latitude D 600- does not work

  SparkyJack 08 Sep 11

That is what it owner said to me when I asked to take a 'poke'

Well it does work - it fires up that is- the touch pad control works fine

So I thought a good clean up- de frag will do the trick-- but--

It's probleem seems to be that although the pointer moves around the screen and I get the hour glass as a click the appropriate icon/file simply does not respond or takes a great deal of time to get going and then respond once more to another command,

So the question is- when I eventually get it to carry out the normal defrag- clean up etc., will there still be an underlying problem?

  northumbria61 08 Sep 11

So the question is- when I eventually get it to carry out the normal defrag- clean up etc., will there still be an underlying problem?

A defrag won't do any harm and there's only one way to find out the difference it makes and that is by running it - when you get it to run of course.

  onthelimit1 08 Sep 11

Is the underlying problem a lack of RAM? I've had older machines with a single 256 stick. They displayed similar problems.

  SparkyJack 08 Sep 11

There is a movement onward - into trouble that is. It can take 20 minutes or so for a mouse click to activate. So I thought - dig out a Windows disk- run it to Install then proceed to 'R' to repair.

I ran a Head cleaner disk first[ reason if the machine is so neglected it probably could do with that]

Inserted the Windows disk

Eventually the page came up

clicked on Install

And what did I get?

I'll tell you -- 'Not Responding'

Next move?

  SparkyJack 08 Sep 11

On the limit Good thought or even partial memory failure- if there is such a thing- presumably if the memory went down totally it would not work at all.

  SparkyJack 08 Sep 11

As I send responses so thing happen on the Patient - not good The install program says - cannot load the disk because the version installed is newer that that on the CD. Then said wemnt on to read

Close down and run install again. So just did that and now restarting - after all all I want is the 'R' function

  onthelimit1 08 Sep 11

If SP Updates have been downloaded, that can cause the error you get. Some info on slipstreaming here


RAM can partially fail.


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