Dell laptop power cable

  herc182 23:54 08 Mar 09

I don't want to rant about dell here because it's not going to help me. Let's just say that a brand new laptop is far from perfect these days.
Anyway todays issue is that the power cord now does not work. The light on the "brick" is on, as is the little light at the end of the cable. However the laptop says something like "the power cord is not recognised. Please plug in one that is at least 90 watts. This computer may run at lower speed and will not charge". I have restarted, I have taken the battery out and also tried different electrical sockets. Any ideas? Please! Thanks

  tes 07:26 09 Mar 09

I have the same problem if I wigle the wire near the mains plug it works

  oldbeefer2 09:23 09 Mar 09

What 'little light at the end of the cable'? From the other symptoms, it is most likely to be a problem with the plug (particulary if it's been pulled at an angle when removing it from the laptop). You could borrow a voltmeter to see if the wiggly amps are making it to the plug. If that's OK, rthen it could be a damaged socket.

  tes 16:27 12 Mar 09

Have found out more.Light in brick is on but not charging,remove plug from socket,replace plug in socket,all ok.Tried in various sockets

  herc182 18:26 12 Mar 09

FYI - The problem was the motherboard...on a brand new ***&£$%% laptop. A Dell engineer came round and replaced it...must have been the contacts on the mobo or something...


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