Dell Inspiron will not start

  MIKE. 15:36 31 Jan 10

My niece has a Dell Inspiron 545 Desktop which is 3 months old running Windows 7. She switched it on yesterday after a two day break and it would only boot to the Dell Bios screen and stop. It is still under waranty from Dell so will be fixed, but I am curious what could be wrong. Does anyone have ideas as to what could be the problem.

  GaT7 15:45 31 Jan 10

Can you get to the boot options? This is usually accessed by tapping on the F8 key during startup click here (Dell's may have a differnt key to press to bring these up - your manual may have this info).

If yes, choose the 'Last Know Good Configuration' option to begin with.

If no joy with that, try the 'Repair Your Computer' option.

Details for all the above in the link provided.

If you need to take it further with a recovery/reinstall, then click here. Don't attempt these if the hard disk has important data, emails, etc as they will need to be backed-up first. G

  MIKE. 15:48 31 Jan 10

Thanks Crossbow7 does it sound like a software or Hardware problem

  GaT7 15:55 31 Jan 10

Another thing you can try is temporarily disconnecting anything USB that's connected to the desktop.

Also another thing to try is with the monitor connected only - remove everything else. G

  MIKE. 16:50 31 Jan 10

Thanks again Crossbow7 I will be able to look at it tomorrow. I understand about doing a repair but untill Dell say they wont touch I will not go down that path in case they start to winge.

  Input Overload 17:15 31 Jan 10

Disc in the tray?

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