Dell Inspiron 620 MT - thinking of buying

  wildhouse 10 Jun 11

I have an 8 year old Dell Inspiron P4 which I have added RAM and extra memory to, but I think has now had it's day - it is starting to slow down dramatically (admittedly Facebook and Farmville are on the go most of the time it is on!) and I don't think it's worth upgrading again. I am thinking of the Inspiron 620 MT as my next purchase (£399 from Dell) with a Dell ST2220L 21.5 monitor (to be bought elsewhere as it is £40 cheaper than buying from Dell). Does anyone have any knowledge of this computer - I can't find any reviews as I think it is quite new. Any advice gratefully received - I have had good help with my current Dell from this forum!

  casfish 21 Jun 11

Hi, my first time on this forum - sorry I can't answer your question but I am thinking of buying this one myself and wondered if you got it in the end and if so do you like it, any advice? Thanks, C.

  Woolwell 21 Jun 11

I cannot help directly but it would assist others in their replies to know what you want to use it for eg just general browsing, word processing or games or photos or video or combination of all.

  wildhouse 21 Jun 11

Hi - I haven't bought it yet as I can't make up my mind! Although my current computer getting the blue screen of death and corrupt data may speed me up (got it going again eventually!). I am now thinking of the Dell deal for the i5 Inspiron 620 instead of the i3. They have a deal inc. 21 1/2" monitor for £649, so about £80 more than the i3 with a monitor (and I have just registered with Quidco who have a £60 off and 10% cashback deal, making it a more of a budget price).

I use my current computer for a multitude of things - don't play so many games on it now as my daughter has her own laptop (although Farmville does get played a lot, which is quite power heavy!). I tend to have 2 browsers open at once - Facebook is always open, and there is quite a lot of web browsing done - often I play music on the computer at the same time. I use Word and Publisher quite a lot. So basically I want a multi-purpose computer which I can throw a bit of everything at.

They also have the XPS8300, the only difference I can spot is the graphics card. Trying to decide today as all the voucers for discounts I've seen run out today (although no doubt there will be another one tomorrow!)

  wildhouse 02 Jul 11

Have now bought the 620 i5 - setting it up this weekend so will report back once I can get my files transferred!


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