Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop dead display

  User-1279308 12:32 08 Jul 08

I've got the laptop plugged into the mains, it powers up ok, Windows Xp loads up, if I angle the display towards a lamp or sunlight, I can see all the icons on the screen, everything works fine, but the display is very dark...
I've looked (squinted) at the display / brightness / contrast / power options, everything seems to be set up the way it should, though I'm no expert. Tried the Safe Mode, no change.
But... when connected to external monitor, it works fine. Is there anything else to try before I throw it in the skip?

  ambra4 12:43 08 Jul 08

You need to get the back light or the inverter on the display replaced

  recap 12:45 08 Jul 08

This is I think normal as the direct light is reflected and you may only see the display as a negative image. Somebody my put me right on this as I am not 100% sure.

  User-1279308 13:20 08 Jul 08

How easy is it to replace the back light / display inverter?
I'd rather try it myself then pay a repair shop, *if* it's something simple, as the laptop is out of warranty now...

  ambra4 13:34 08 Jul 08

Take a read on these sites it would give you a general idea on what is required

click here

click here

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