Dell Dimension P120t

  numnut 15:37 24 Oct 06

Help me please!!!

My friend passed on a the above computer to me and when i turn it on the monitor jus stays on standby?? Im not sure what its ment to loook like inside so cant tell if anything is missing, do you have any pictures i can check it against?


  numnut 15:43 24 Oct 06

please please please im rubbish with computers and a cheapskate to

  Technotiger 15:45 24 Oct 06

Hi, the tiele you have quoted is only the type of memory for the Dell. What is the computer Model?

  Technotiger 15:46 24 Oct 06

title ... not tiele!!

  numnut 15:47 24 Oct 06

im not sure thats all it says on the front of it, where would i find the model?

  Technotiger 15:49 24 Oct 06

Have a look at these, see if it is anything like yours -

click here

  malgall 15:50 24 Oct 06

try looking ariund the case to see anything else

  numnut 15:59 24 Oct 06

Em not really mine looks like its from the stone age compared to them, its grey and sits vertically and doesnt seem to even have USB ports

  malgall 16:02 24 Oct 06

no usb makes it quite old
try looking inside check the everything is plugged in properly

  numnut 16:02 24 Oct 06

sorry i ment horizontally

  numnut 16:04 24 Oct 06

yea i kinda thought that, i took the casing off but im like a fish out of water and dont have a clue where to look. There is a rectangular space at the back of the metal casing looks like something is missing and theres numbers above it

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