Dell Dimension 5000

  Handyman12 10:51 04 Jan 06

Good Morning All,

My Dell has a problem in that when I switch it on, it initially sounds like its starting up but then any activity seems to stop. Lights do appear to be on at the front of the computer and also inside the unit. Any of you bright chaps got any ideas?

  Ade_1 10:56 04 Jan 06

I cant actually help you but i have the same problem with a Mesh laptop (you cant see anyhting on screen either). I would just suggest phoning up dell. I had to phone up Mesh, well im awaiting a phone call back of them today.

  rawprawn 11:06 04 Jan 06

Can you boot in safe mode ? can you get into Bios? if so try boot from your XP recovery Disc.

  rawprawn 11:09 04 Jan 06

click here See if this helps scroll down to Mesh

  rawprawn 11:11 04 Jan 06

Sorry Mesh is not listed.

  Ade_1 11:19 04 Jan 06

its ok. I dont know if handyman is the same as me but i cant get into bios or anyhtign, i just get sounds and nothing on screen. I even tried anothoer monitor on it but it didnt work. Hopefully your not the same as me handyman

  pauldonovan 11:27 04 Jan 06

If lights are all on, and you can hear hard disk activity (?) and you've tried another monitor, sounds like graphics card. Is it on-board graphics or a separate graphics card?

You could try replacing the graphics card with a cheap one from another PC / Ebay.

  Ade_1 11:30 04 Jan 06

integrated graphics (if your talking to me that is)

  pauldonovan 11:32 04 Jan 06

Was talking to handyman12! Laptop is tougher as you can't easily replace bits - its a repair or replace I would've thought for you.

Having said that, your hijacking (!) of Ade's post made me think he'd tried different monitors as I didn't spot the different poster when scrolling down and scanning, which I can see now isn't the case so that would be the first think for him to try.

  Ade_1 11:35 04 Jan 06

i didnt inted to hijack it just someone posted to me, i was just telling Handyman my problem aswell.

  pauldonovan 11:56 04 Jan 06 exclamation was meant to indicate it was a bit of a joke!

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