Dell Dimension 4600 Model DMC MTC2 - Will it take Windows 7 Please HELP

  Shikaree 18:08 13 Sep 11

Hi Folks'

My daughter has given me her Dell Dimension 4600. It came with XP. It doesn't Bootup. She doesn't have the XP Disc. Of course, you can't get XP any more so I thought I'd try and install Windows 7. Would the Motherboard accept Windows 7 ?

Would anyone please advise.

Thank you very much.


  T0SH 21:05 13 Sep 11

It looks a bit low in specification to run Windows 7 well, you should however be able to buy a Dell XP Operating System Reinstall CD from ebay for not a great deal of cash

This ebay item is the type you need it easily installs the XP operating system to Dell branded PC`s without requiring any COA


Shop around for the best deal paying special attention to shipping charges :¬)

To begin the install place the CD in the drive switch on the PC when you see the Dell splash screen go tap tap tap tap on the F12 key to get the boot menu choices then use the up down arrow keys to choose boot from the CD drive then hit enter the process will prompt you when your input is required

Cheers HC

  birdface 21:16 13 Sep 11

Run this and it should tell you if it is suitable.

  birdface 21:17 13 Sep 11

Sorry it doesnt boot up.Ignore last.

  birdface 21:20 13 Sep 11

Worth a read.

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