Dell Dimension 3000 graphics

  mgblugs 22:24 21 May 08

I decided to buy a nvidia ge force fx5500 graphics card for my Dell Dimension 3000 which has the Intel Extreme 2 chip fitted.

The one problem is I cannot get anything at all on the monitor.

This is the procedure I carried out:-
I disabled the onboard graphics via device manager.
Rebooted then set the primary video controller to auto on the set up screen then power up with the driver cd in the drive and the monitor just stays on standby.

What am I doing wrong?

  rossgolf 22:50 21 May 08

is it seated correctly?
try in a different pci/pci-e slot

  ashdav 22:52 21 May 08

You need to enable the new graphics card (as default device) in the BIOS.
This should also disable the on board graphics at the same time.

  mgblugs 22:58 21 May 08

I've removed it and reseated it but no change.

The pci slot that it occupies is the only spare there is.

  mgblugs 23:01 21 May 08

How can I enable the new card if there is no signal to the monitor?

  mrwoowoo 23:12 21 May 08

Have you unplugged the monitor from the board and plugged into the graphics card.
Obvious,but easily forgotten.
Try booting without the cd in the drive first.
If not try safe mode.

  ashdav 23:22 21 May 08

put the monitor cable in the original graphics connection at the back of the computer.
If you have a picture then that is your problem as I stated above.

  mgblugs 17:12 22 May 08

When the new card is installed there is no signal from either connection to the monitor.

In Bios, I have set primary video controller to "auto", the only other option being "onboard"

  mgblugs 17:40 22 May 08

I should also mention that when I remove the new card the display works with the integrated chip at 640x480. (vga mode I assume)

  mrwoowoo 18:15 22 May 08

the fx5500 is an agp card,whereas the dell dimensions 3000 only has a pci-e slot.
You need a pci-e card for it.

  mgblugs 18:28 22 May 08

If you do a bit of scouring on the net I think you'll find that the dimension 3000 has PCI slots only.

I obtained a pci-e card previously and it simply does not fit.

It's a square peg in a round hole type of thing...

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