Dell DIM3000 How do you blank projected image ?

  dotliz 14:44 31 Oct 10

Hi - I operate a Dell Dimension 3000 laptop at Church - seated at the back. The songs are projected onto a large screen at the front of Church from a projector suspended from the ceiling. How do I blank the screen to the congregation, if required, whilst still having the image displayed on the laptop screen (useful when things go wrong and I want to sort it out calmly without 100 pairs of eyes watching and adding to the pressure!) If it is possible, how do I return things to normal afterwards? Appreciate any advice. I was told a function key (which one?) and the fn key (Can't see one) Many thanks!

  bremner 16:00 31 Oct 10

Normally F5 - look for the F key with a monitor symbol on

  dotliz 16:15 31 Oct 10

bremner - thankyou. I will try F5 in 2 weeks when I am on duty again. I have a Dell laptop at home and I've just looked - the monitor symbol is on the F1 key so it may be a case of trial and error.

  bremner 16:17 31 Oct 10

Just had a google and it seems Dell have to be different and it Fn + F8

  dotliz 17:03 31 Oct 10

bremner, thanks, I'll give it a go. Hope I can find an fm key - couldn't see one this morning!

  bremner 17:05 31 Oct 10

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