Dell CPx Notebook (XP Pro) Power Settings Probs

  Ben Avery 10:08 13 Jan 04


I recently installed XP Pro on my Dell notebook (previously used 2000) but I'm having some real trouble sorting out the standby/power settings. When the PC goes into standby (black screen) it won't come back out without rebooting!

I've also tried using both hibernate & standby settings for "closing the lid" with the same effect. I open the lid and the PC turns on, gets to the desktop then reboots itself! I never had this problem with windows 2000, standby worked fine on that.

How can I fix it so that I can use Hibernate or Standby without this happening as it's getting really annoying?

For the moment I've turned off all power settings except to turn off screen after 30 mins, not ideal when running on batteries!



  temp003 11:09 13 Jan 04

Dell usually deals with this type of problem on laptops in its FlashBIOS updates. Go to the Dell site to see if there's an BIOS update for your model which deals with the problem. Dell usually says that this update has been verified on the following operating systems and lists them out. XP may not be included if your model is fairly old.

Also check what is called "Dell OS updates" for XP if any. I never quite know what it is for, but try it anyway.

  Ben Avery 11:31 13 Jan 04

there is a FlashBIOS Update (A16 click here) but no mentions of supported OS's.

There is also 2 OS Updates (click here) and 1 Suspend Utility (click here)

Which will likely fix this problem?


  temp003 11:53 13 Jan 04

To check the verified OS's, go to the Asia Pacific Dell site, and do the same thing all over (the downloads are the same but the Asia Pacific site usually is more informative). click here

Note that the fact that a BIOS update doesn't state that it has been tested on XP doesn't necessarily mean that it's incompatible with XP, just that it has not been tested (because Dell usually stops further support for newer OS's on older models after a number of years). But there is always a risk in flashing BIOS, so you do it at own risk (assuming the BIOS update purports to cure the problem).

Your links all give me the same home page so I can't tell. The Suspend utility sounds promising (assuming it works on XP).

  Ben Avery 11:56 13 Jan 04
  Ben Avery 12:07 13 Jan 04

No, doesn't work! Strange...

  Ben Avery 12:10 13 Jan 04

That site is much better, let my put in Windows XP and my model number and has brought up 3 FlashBIOS updates.

Do I need to install all of them of just the latest one?


  temp003 12:46 13 Jan 04

Just the latest one (if flashing the BIOS is what you have decided to do). I have never had any problems with flashing the BIOS on my Dell notebook but I would still advise backing up first, especially when there's no urgency. Read the instructions very carefully.

  Ben Avery 11:15 29 Mar 04

And all is ok!



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