Dell component config - advice needed please

  The_Aardvark 21:40 19 Jan 07

Want to spend around £650 on a new system - decided on Dell but there are so many configs of components on offer it's hard to know which are must haves and which I can leave.

Use the PC mainly for web surfing, some photo and video editing and a bit of gaming (nothing too heavy) but want to make sure it will still be able to cope in 4 years time.


  Kate B 21:50 19 Jan 07

If you want to do video editing, your priorities are a big, fast hard drive - don't look at anything under 7,200rmp - and bags of ram. I'd also spend a good bit of the budget on a good dual-core processor - which are all Intel. You also want a decent graphics card, one offering at least 256MB of ram, 512MB if your budget can stand it; though if you're into gaming, now is a rubbish time to buy a graphics card as it will be obsolete very soon as with one exception - the Nvidia 8800 - no cards support DX10 yet.

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