dell 8400 memory

  toonfireman1746 22:29 15 Nov 10

I have 1GB on my DELL I would like to increase this , is it easy to do?

  northumbria61 23:10 15 Nov 10

You can upgrade your Dell Dimension 8400 Computer to up to a maximum of 4.0 GB Memory RAM, the Computer has 4 sockets (2 banks of 2) to install Memory RAM, already with 512 MB = 256 MB (removable) + 256 MB (removable) standard RAM Memory installed. For best Computer performance use the maximum amount of allowed RAM per slot for your system.

You can find out exactly what to buy by running the crucial scanner - click here

Install video - click here (If you "earth" yourself on the metal case or a radiator there is no need for a anti-static wrist strap.

  northumbria61 23:16 15 Nov 10

Video here - clearer images click here

  toonfireman1746 11:21 16 Nov 10

hi thanks
Can I have three in or do they have to be in pairs?

  northumbria61 11:29 16 Nov 10

You could have 3 in your maximum 4 slots but you would get SLIGHTLY better performance from matched pairs (Dual Channel) see this - click here

  GaT7 12:34 16 Nov 10

Have you determined how many slots are filled at the moment? The 1Gb RAM you have could be 2 modules of 512Mb. In this case, getting another pair will fill the remaining slots & maintain pairing. G

  toonfireman1746 19:29 24 Nov 10

I have brought 1Gb of memory
I have four slots two are taken which leaves 2 which one do I put it in?
Dell dimension 8400

  GaT7 21:00 24 Nov 10

Try it in the slot immediately next to the other two. G

  toonfireman1746 21:13 24 Nov 10

There are four slots they appear to be in twos!!!! The sticks that are in are one in each, do they not have to be in pairs?

  GaT7 21:52 24 Nov 10

No, they don't necessarily have to be in pairs, & let's hope it's not one of those that do.

You'll only know for sure by trying out the new module, so fit it in. If it doesn't work, move it to the other vacant slot. G

  GaT7 21:53 24 Nov 10

Each time, fit the memory in the slot(s) with the mains power cord disconnected. G

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