Dell 5150 Upgrade Help

  Ke1thW 22:23 06 Mar 08


I have a Dell Dimension 5150 that I'm thinking about upgrading. It's mainly for a game that I play (Battlefield 2) Here's my PC specs. click here

Looking at upping the RAM from 1GB to 4GB with 2 2GB sticks. I don't know much about graphic cards and what's compatible here. I'm not looking for a top of the range card, just something that will play my game on highest settings easily. Probably have to u/g the PSU too...

I get my 40" HD TV soon aswell. Will I be able to play my game through this on HD?


  lotvic 22:54 06 Mar 08

I can't help with the rest but this bit -
"Addressing Memory With 4-GB Configurations
Your computer supports a maximum of 4 GB of memory when you use four 1-GB DIMMs. Current operating systems, such as Microsoft® Windows® XP, can use a maximum of 4 GB of address space; however, the amount of memory available to the operating system is less than 4 GB. Certain components within the computer require address space in the 4-GB range. Any address space reserved for these components cannot be used by computer memory."

means that if you put 4Gb ram in it will not all be recognised as any memory on your graphic card or any other cards etc will be deducted from the 4Gb as XP can only 'see' 4Gb in total from all the sources.

most people just put 3Gb in ram as no benefit is gained over this (just my opinion) others may have differing views.

  Ke1thW 09:17 07 Mar 08

Thanks Lotvic.

I heard that you need the 64 bit version of XP to see more that 3 - 3.5 gig of RAM. I may upgrade to that in the future. I thought about 2 sticks of 2 Gig opposed to 3 sticks of 1 Gig as I heard this was faster, right?!

  Ke1thW 09:20 07 Mar 08

If anyone has recommendations/links for memory and graphics cards that would be compatible then please post them here.

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