dell 1525 freezes,and after format

  shauny36 16 Jul 13

my laptop was freezing at different points so put it back to factory settings then started it up and it froze again. it freezes while loading and even when browsing after 20 mins or so. has got 2 rams in so took 1 out and rebooted then froze again, so swaped the other ram over and it done the same.

what does that leave to check.

  shauny36 17 Jul 13

still freezes in safe mode aswell

  woodchip 17 Jul 13

As above its overheating, due partly to the Sun. But may also be getting blocked up with muck. only way to clear it, it need dismantling, not for the fainthearted

PS using on carpets and soft furnishings makes if worse, and Smoking is the worst thing for it

  shauny36 20 Aug 13

update. havetried swapping the memory 1 at a time still freezes then tried a different hdd stll the same. even when the laptop has been on about 10-20 mins still does it so dont think its over heating as is als cool. used vista on one hdd and win 7 on the other still the same.seems to freeze more when i am browsing. am stuck now.

  bumpkin 20 Aug 13

As suggested by Woodchip and Jock!e, over heating is a likely cause of this sort of problem. Not the whole thing getting too hot just the CPU so the case could still be cool. We don't know your setup as very little info but if you have the facility check CPU temp.

  shauny36 22 Aug 13

so would it be a good idea to re seat with some new thermal paste.


  woodchip 22 Aug 13

reseat what? with paste.

As I said as its a Laptop only thing you can do is take it in bits making a note of where all screws go, take photos also. and clean the cpu heatsink.

short term you could try using it on a laptop cooler with about 3 fans in it

  shauny36 13 Oct 13

used thermal paste on the cpu but still the same.have cleaned out the heatsink, still the same. the laptop can be on for a day solid and work most of the time then other times within minutes. seems to be more stable when been on for a while and worse when just switched on.


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