Deleting Windows Pre install Screensaver?

  The F1 Help Key 23:01 03 Nov 07

Hi everybody how can i delete the screensaver that come when installing XP,for example the
3D Flower Box,marqee or 3D Windows Xp

  Technotiger 23:16 03 Nov 07

Right-click on Desktop and then on Properties, then on Screensaver tab. Scroll down the list of screensavers and see which ones you want to delete.

Write down the ones you plan to delete.

Now go to Search and Files and Folders....and type in *.scr for the filename and click Find Now.

As the screensavers show up on the right hand side, you can then right click and delete the ones that are on the list you have just written out.

  The F1 Help Key 23:23 03 Nov 07

hi hey it came back again when i switch on my PC..all of them are in my C:\WINDOWS\system32..
help me please

  brundle 00:08 04 Nov 07

System File Protection will keep reinstating them. You either need to turn off SFP for a while, delete the files and the compressed backups in system32\dllcache or re-install Windows using a modified NLite CD, with the screensavers removed.

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  ambra4 00:43 04 Nov 07

The F1 Help Key

Microsoft Screensavers listed in Windows is Windows File Protection

You cannot delete them

The WFP feature provides protection for system files using two mechanisms.

The first mechanism runs in the background.

This protection is triggered after WFP receives a directory change notification for a file in a protected directory. WFP silently replaces the file

If you want to remove other screensavers other than the ones that came in windows

You can use this program Softany Screensaver Remover 1.0

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