Deleting a quarantined virus

  john bunyan 13:30 01 Oct 11

My free Avira identified and quarantined 3 viruses under the heading : EXP/2010-0840.H. Issume that I delete these from the quarantine; the help section is not as specific as I would like.I certainly do not want to use the restore option. I believe this is a "drive by" type.

  robin_x 13:44 01 Oct 11

I tend to leave my occasional viruses there.

I had one occasion of a false positive HP System file that I needed to restore to it's proper place.

  lotvic 13:45 01 Oct 11

It depends on what they are, they will be quarantined so that you can decide if they are viruses or if they are a false positive. Here is Avira link for similar:

I have 3 viruses quarantined, what should I do next?

  john bunyan 13:49 01 Oct 11

Thanks both. I have run scans with SAS and MBAM and all seems well. I will wait a few days and delete it.

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