Deleting entries in dropdowns

  mo66ie 15:17 01 Aug 06

Can anybody out there tell me how I can delete an entry from a drop-down. This is what I want to do. On my email login page I type the first character of the login name and a list appears of various login names that I have. I want to delete some of these login id's from that list. Anybody know how please? I've tried right clicking to no avail.


  BIGBAGGY 16:07 01 Aug 06


  Sethhaniel 16:13 01 Aug 06
  mo66ie 14:10 02 Aug 06

Thanks Sethanial & Bigbaggy.
I actually found out via Microsoft. The solution was as simple as could be. Move the cursor down to the on I want rid of, highlight it and hit the delete key. Now why didn't I think of that. I've been around long enough. :-)

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