Deleting from drop down menus

  woowoowoo 12:09 18 Mar 07

Hi - I dont know if I have used the correct terminolgy, but I would like to delete some of the entries that appear when you are filling in things in Windows XP like email addresses etc. You get a drop down list of previous entries and I would like to get rid of some.
I have tried googling for the answer, but just get a load of info about web design!
Thanks in advance

  Stuartli 12:14 18 Mar 07

From Internet Explorer's Tools>Internet Options>Content tab>Disable AutoComplete or, under Personal Information, select the Options you require.

  Stuartli 12:15 18 Mar 07

You can use History from the same route to Delete such entries or, alternatively, set the information to be saved from 0 to however many days you require.

  Stuartli 12:17 18 Mar 07

In Firefox, the same features are under the Privacy tab.

  Batch 12:19 18 Mar 07


In the drop downlist, with the relevant entry highlighted, hit delete.


In IE go to Tools, Internet Options, General tab, Browsing History, Delete...... Then Select the category you want to delete (all of) - e.g. Form data, Passwards.

  woowoowoo 12:20 18 Mar 07

Thanks Stuartli - thats interesting - but I am right in thinking that that will delete all the entires? I wanted to keep the relevant ones and get rid of others

  Stuartli 12:39 18 Mar 07

The highlight>delete method can be used for individual items but, unless you disable AutoComplete, you will continue to reintroduce the URLs etc.

  woowoowoo 15:59 18 Mar 07

I must be doing something wrong - I tried the highlighting and delete first - but it doesn't seem to work - the entry is still there.

  woowoowoo 16:24 18 Mar 07

I dont really want ot disable the thing, but just delete the entries that are no longer relevant.

  Batch 17:07 18 Mar 07

You should highlight the relevant entry in the drop down list, but not select it (so that it becomes the current content of the field) and then hit the delete button. It should then prompt you to confirm the action.

  woowoowoo 19:08 18 Mar 07

No - that doesn't work - I highlight - it - it turns blue, I then press the delete - then nothing!!!
Dunno what I am doing wrong. I am not selecting it.

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