Deleting data from cd-rw disks.

  Meshuga 18:27 27 Sep 04

How do I remove unwanted files that are stored on cd-rw disks please. Either individual files or all. Meshuga.

  stalion 18:42 27 Sep 04

do you have nero if so you can use it to delete all on your disc

  Meshuga 18:49 27 Sep 04

I dont have nero installed. Can they be written over or is there another method I can use. Thanks for your reply. Meshuga.

  stalion 18:54 27 Sep 04

What software are you using to create your discs?

  Androcles 19:08 27 Sep 04

Ther's a little program here that might do it,it's called CDrecorder,but read the readme,it clears the whole disc:-click here
Freeware World Team Regards.

  Meshuga 19:11 27 Sep 04

not quite sure what you mean. my method is to Right click on a folder and click on "Send to" and click on my cd-rw drive number. Then click on write to cd and off it goes. Hope that makes sense. I have no problem writing to disc. Meshuga.

  Meshuga 19:18 27 Sep 04

should have said my OS is XPhome+sp2.Meshuga.

  stalion 19:22 27 Sep 04

ok you are useing windows burning software try the suggestion above.Regards

  stalion 19:28 27 Sep 04

download an install the free version of this it has the erase facility in it
click here

  Meshuga 19:31 27 Sep 04

for clarifying that. I learn something new every day. Regards. Thanks to you too Androcles. Meshuga.

  stalion 19:51 27 Sep 04


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