Deleting ALL dialers?

  Uncle Den 12:25 08 Jun 03

The "man in the PC shop" (I know!) told me there shouldn't be any dialers at all on my PC and that I should use Search to find and delete them all, irrespective.

Can any wise one out there confirm that this will be OK and not do any damage to authentic programs please?

  VoG™ 12:27 08 Jun 03

I would use Spybot to find and remove them click here

  hugh-265156 12:28 08 Jun 03
  MichelleC 12:29 08 Jun 03

Yes, you can safely delete, and there's a few recent threads like this. Use SpyBot and Adaware to nuke them in safemode.

  -pops- 12:48 08 Jun 03

When you have nuked all of your dialers, it may be wise to install Spyware Blaster click here to prevent them re-installing. You may like to install Startpage Guard click here to prevent hijacking of your home page.

Both of these programs work quietly in the background. You don't have to do anything except update occasionally. There are plenty of notifications on this site when an update is available.


  Uncle Den 13:27 08 Jun 03

A great response - and please keep them coming. I will investigate all the suggestions you have made and have a look at the programs you recommend. Perhaps, with all the wonders of the Net, it's time that ISP's and all those concerned, brought out a Master Searcher to do all this stuff before it gets to anybody. Thanks again. Den

  Uncle Den 14:00 03 Jul 03

Using Search I located all my dialers. However, many looked as if they should be there and removing them may corrupt something I need - like one for getting my ISP or something like that.

Somebody said I could safely delete andy program concerned with dialer - is there some qualified whiz-bod out there who can satisfy my doubts?


  Jester2K II 14:10 03 Jul 03

Use the programs recommended above to determine which ones are malicious.

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