deleted web history

  Space Aware 23:34 12 Sep 06

Is there any way of finding deleted web site history for today on my pc?
Many Thanx

  johnnyrocker 23:42 12 Sep 06

doubt it, maybe recycle bin?


  Space Aware 23:48 12 Sep 06

good idea, I'll look! Cheers!

  Space Aware 23:52 12 Sep 06

nope, not there! Any ideas anybody?

  rdave13 23:53 12 Sep 06

Also have a look here click here

  woodchip 00:00 13 Sep 06

It's gone

  Space Aware 00:00 13 Sep 06

rdave13, brilliant, thanx, I'll get going with that!

Cheers all!

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